To provide affordable and quality household and industrial cleaning products.


To be the leading manufacturer and distributor of affordable household and industrial cleaning products to the retail and wholesale industry to ensure that they are within easy reach of consumers.

Our Values And Ethos

What defines our values and ethos is a clear understanding that our customers spend the same rand as any other customer in the broader market. They also expect the product to look and feel like all other competing products and brands. The aspirational value of our products should match that of any leading brand across the product range, albeit at competitive prices.

The underlying values and ethos revolve around the following key concepts:

The Rainbow Ethos & Values Matrix

Accessibility / Convenience:

Our products will be available in areas that are easily accessible to the target market


We will offer competitively priced items and therefore great value


We will thrive to create a one-stop shop for key household and beauty products


Our products will compare favourably with competing brands in product quality


We will always remember that the customer is king